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Simon Abboud - Why This ACN Rep Is So Special

You might have thought what makes top reps like Simon Abboud so special. You might think he has a special secret strategy.  Or that he gets all his tips from the ACN Co-founders.  Hmmmm.... maybe he's just THAT talented and figures things out because he's super smart... Well... to be honest with you it's none of those things. To be successful in any network marketing company it takes something much greater than talent; or even loads of cash. Success isn't handed down to us from some mysterious place. So how does one obtain ACN Success - as they would say.  And how do we do it like Simon? It's simple really. This is why Simon is successful - are you ready for this? He never stopped. Surprised? You're probably not - but that's why Simon is so successful today. When most marketers start out they think that they don't have what it takes to be like Simon. But you will be amazing at this network marketing thing if you can stick with it.  Here are 3 things to implement in your business long term. 1. You just have to have a desire to do better each day - a desire to win 2. Never quit your business 3. Constantly educate yourself with books like Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich Or Courses like Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring That's all.... Do these 3 things - and you will attain the success you desire. You'll have massive success like Simon Abboud - all because you decided it was time to. So if you're think - "where do I start?" Start with Mike Dillard's course - it's pretty much the foundation of good network marketing.  If you're ready to go then here's a link: (copy and paste the link if you have to) If you're not quite ready yet then keep those above 3 things in mind for the next few days and revisit this article.  You can also research other tools on the web and go from there. All the best, Chuk.

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