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Whatever happened to the 'Trickle-Down' effect?

As the rich get richer, crumbs from their tables will 'trickle-down' to us lesser mortals as a matter of course.
I still await the phone numbers of the ladies who had affairs with the politicians who perpetuated this guff.
John Prescott/Tracey Temple
David Blunkett/Kimberly Fortier,
Cecil Parkinson/Sara Keays
Tim Yeo/Julia Stent
John Major/ Edwina Currie, .
Hartley Booth/Emily Barr
Robert Hughes/Janet Oakes
Piers Merchant/Anna Cox
Steven Norris/Emma Courtney
David Mellor/Antonia de Sancha
OK in a couple of cases the decent thing was done and they eventually married, like the late Robin Cook..
btw It's too late now for them and me.

It doesn't--and never did--"trickle down". All wealth is earned by the bloke that digs the resource out of the ground--the manual worker, the one that SWEATS. Every penny ever earned--I don't mean swindled, I mean EARNED--was due to the manual worker. Everyone else FEEDS off him--including the secretary, the job organiser, the job ideas man, the advertising man, the PR man. So wealth is actually SUCKED UP, by effort, so it doesn't "trickle down" what? GRAVITY!?
The fact is if you can't get anyone to dig the stuff out, we ALL starve. The same is NOT true if we can't get anyone to type the job up, or any other ancillary to the labour of the digger.
"Trickle down" is a phrase for the consumption of DUMB people.

Neeraj Tewari, Maryland Has Made a Successful Track Record in Telecom Sector

Neeraj Tewari, Maryland
has proven as an asset to the wide sector of software and telecommunications industry with the dedicated efforts of past 24 years. Indeed, communication has played a significant role as one of the most important elements for efficient growth and modernization in various economy sectors. Mr. Tewari, with a significant role in the telecom arena, witnessed tremendous changes in the challenging field of software and telecommunications. He specializes in building and managing global engineering, operations, finance, sales and marketing teams, customer relationship management and managing global growth through planned financial and internal controls.

Being a customer relationship management expert, he implemented his specialized techniques with the framework of accuracy and result driven approach. Focusing to this core marketing activity, he largely modernized and systematized management structures and implemented process improvements. His extensive knowledge of managing businesses on a global scale helped him to polish his management skills as per the current competition spirit in corporate world. Many emergent companies have earned the heights of global success mainly because of the efforts made by him through planned financial and internal controls.
Neeraj Tewari, Maryland
has an immense experience of working with startups, mid-sized as well as large organizations. Previously, he worked with Hughes Network Systems in Germantown, MD and in India. Being an important member of the team, he started Hughes Software Systems in New Delhi, India and took it public in India.

Neeraj Tewari, Maryland
was also awarded the Hughes Chairman’s Honor Award in 1997 by Mr. Robert Smith, Chairman of Hughes Electronics for pioneering business success in satellite communications. The award was giving to 10 Hughes employees annually from the worldwide pool of employees. Neeraj also holds 2 patents in telecommunications with Hughes. He also helped the company in the rollout of the largest and the most successful mobile satellite venture in over 99 countries in the Middle East region for a budget exceeding USD 1 Billion and the development and rollout of the largest satellite broadband system by Hughes in North America for an investment of over USD2.7B. Mr. Tewari also successfully developed software for many communication projects and lead implementation and deployment of networks in US, Canada, Germany, China and India.

GM-Chrysler Merger Would Hurt State Budget

The automotive industry has been smoldered by different types of scorching pandemonium in the past six years – plant closures, job cuts, ailing automaker's reputation and vanishing confidences. Moreover, the state's famished financial system is expected to be significantly hurt by the predicted GM-Chrysler merger.

State officials also expect that job losses and plant closures would continue to increase. This could trigger the decline in income and property tax collectibles and business tax revenues. "Clearly, it's going to have a negative impact losing all those high-paying jobs," said state Treasurer Robert Kleine. "Without doing a study, it's difficult to say how much."

Michigan is battling with an $800-million-plus deficit this year. The said figure could eventually drill a bigger hole in the state's budget for 2008. Kleine said that there is little the state can do to head off a merger. "There's not too much we can do about the business decisions of private companies," he said. Kleine added that there has been some talk about setting up special funds for displaced workers who need retraining or who want to start new businesses should there be layoffs or buyouts.

James Epolito, the chief executive officer of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC), said the state has not been privy to any GM-Chrysler merger talks. "We have not been in any direct discussions of one joining the other," he said. "From my standpoint, it's speculation at this point. Everything is on the table and everything is a possibility."

Epolito said the MEDC is in contact with the auto companies weekly about their business decisions. So if merger talks "were to become more than speculation," Epolito said, "it would make the MEDC uniquely suited to deal with any consolidation of assets" in Michigan.

Michigan's unemployment rate 7.1 percent and it is well above the U.S. average of 4.6 percent. And additional job cuts would greatly injure the economy of the land. The situation is not as simple as losing in a few deals of EBC brake pads - it is totally graver.

Still, there are analysts who consider the coupling of the largest automaker and Chrysler Group as next to impossible. "Anything's possible, but this one seems unlikely," said John Casesa, a longtime auto analyst and managing partner of New York-based Casesa Strategic Advisors LLC pertaining to the GM-Chrysler possible merger. "It would increase exponentially the challenges GM faces in turning around the company. These two companies have an immense amount of overlap in people, plants, dealers and products, and there'll be very considerable cost in working through all that."

"They're not far along enough, in my assessment, to take on something as gigantic as absorbing Chrysler," said Gerald Meyers, a business professor at the University of Michigan and former chairman of the AMC automaker previously acquired by Chrysler.

Wall Street analysts are also skeptical whether the deal is smart for GM to take. "GM already has too many brands that cannibalize each other," added analyst Brad Rubin at investment firm BNP-Paribas. "If you add three more, there's going to be more cannibalization."Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop. VisitEBC brake padsfor more info.

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