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Band of Horses - Mirage Rock (drownedinsound)

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Why are ugly men ugly?

We have all met the occasion of hearing people call others ugly, unpleasant, and so on. Well, maybe not in these words precisely, but the phrases that are frequently used to refer to ugliness are quite colorful and explicit. Expressions like "He is so ugly he has to sneak up on a mirror", "He's coyote ugly", or "He is ugly as grandpa's toenails" sometimes manage to amaze people through their vivid power of describing ugly men. In point of fact, there are many other such idioms that categorize ugly people in some of the most cynical and sometimes ludicrous manners.

However, how are we prompted to compare ugly men with such parts of one's body as toenails are? What characteristics do they lack that make us call them ugly people? Most frequently, the key to these questions is, obviously, in the physical features that such people display. In addition, they are related to how attracted we are towards such people. Nonetheless, one remark must be made here: the cases are not rare when it happens that physically unattractive people prove to be some of the greatest friends one could have. Subsequently, physical ugliness is not necessarily mirrored by a mental and affective similar state.

In order to identify what exactly makes ugly men ugly, we need to give a look to those physical features that are considered to build attractive males. What builds an overall agreeable appearance? The face is very important in this process of identification. Men who are equipped with powerful, broad jaws are often viewed as virile. Also, there is a general preference for fairly developed muscles, while the male torso plays a major role in the entire attraction process. Of course, the natural course of life won't give the same characteristics to all of the men. On the contrary, some of them lack the powerful jaws; others have a tiny torso contrasting with big legs and feet, and so on.

Nonetheless, not just any digression from the settled pattern will prompt us to call certain people ugly people. The pattern remains an ideal, and, just like any ideal, it can suffer adjustments. As a direct consequence, we cannot speak about ugly men just because they share more feminine traits than others. On the contrary, there are many ugly people who display the features characteristic to their gender, but at an overemphasized level. This makes their bodies appear somehow distorted. The result is that we won't fail to label them as ugly.

Generally, when we see ugly people we can say immediately what it is that we dislike about them or what appalls us from their appearance. A too big nose is sufficient at times to include them in the area of ugliness. Others are too short and too fat. Others have their skin covered with acne or pimples, even if they are far away from their teenage years. As a rule, most of the traits that make people ugly are related to a feeling and to a confirmation (at least at the visual level) that something is wrong.

For instance, too much fat is often a sign of a bad state of health. A skin overwhelmed by acne is again a sign of bad health. At times, women wonder whether such physical traits are going to be transmitted to their children with such men. Nonetheless, it happens pretty often that absolutely gorgeous women are seen in the company or as wives of ugly men.

This makes a lot of people wonder why they would choose such a situation when they could have any man they wanted. Well, the point is that these are the men they want. It is not exactly sexual attraction. There are many unattractive men who are rich, we all know it. On the other hand, other such men are very hard-working and prepared to face some of the biggest problems in life: their appearance has long since trained them into facing tougher situations. Women simply see what advantages and strengths lie in such men and so they choose them. In the end, it is all a matter of personal preferences. You could be the most handsome man in the whole world, but none of them will notice you if you don't prove you have some other quality as well.Ugly peopleare labeled as such due to the fact that their appearance doesn't comply with the general requirements of a standard of agreeable features. On the other hand, there are manyugly menwho don't mind such standards and live a normal life, having by their side some of the most beautiful women.

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