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why did the muslims face jerusalem for prayers during mohammad's first 12 years of islam?

the jews had been offering prayers toward jerusalem for over 3,000 years before mohammad and when it became clear to allah and mohammad that the jews would never accept mohammad as a prophet. allah changed the direction of prayer to the kaaba in mecca . muslims say that the kaaba is the house of allah. so why did allah oder muslims to face jerusalem and then change his mind . no muslims or mosque existed there during the life of mohammad. most say it's holy because mohammad went there on a flying horse and allah lowered a golden ladder from the first heaven and mohammad climbed up to heaven and talked to allah, as documented in the night journey. jerusalem is mentioned 813 in the torah 0 in the quran. so is jerusalem holy to muslims because mohammad climbed up to heaven on the golden ladder from there? allah tells about the night journey in verse 17:1 .
rabiya, that is non-sense. all muslims and allah said they are corrupted. so i doubt if you can have it both ways.

It's all about politics; no doubt about it. Jerusalem has always been of significant political importance in the Middle East. And, of, course, a blow to Muhammad's manical ego when his religion was accepted.

Muhammad & his followers adopted many of the Jewish customs & practices including praying toward Jerusalem (married Jewish women also) and after Islam was rejected by the Jews, Muhammad ordered Muslims to stop praying toward Jerusalem. He added to the Quran in anticipation of questions about why the sudden change of not praying toward Jerusalem.
The passages he added to the Quran are from 2: 142-52:
"The Fools among the people will say "What has turned them {the Muslims} from the qibla to which they were always used?"
(qibla is direction of prayer).

Then Allah provided the answer:
"We appointed the qibla that to which you was used, only to test those who followed the Messenger {Muhammad} from those who would turn on their heels{on Islam}."

In other words, the new qibla served as a way to distinguish Muslims from Jews. From now on, Meccawould be the direction of prayer:
"now shall we turn you to a qibla that shall please you. Then turn your face in the direction of that Sacred Mosque {in Mecca}. Wherever you are, turn your faces in that direction."

The Quran then reinterates the point about no longer paying attention to Jews:
"Even if you were to bring all the signs to the people of the Book {ie., Jews}, they would not follow your qibla."

{Did you notice no Muslims answered my question about the story and the justice of it that Muhammad doled out in the Sunan Abu-Dawud Book 38, Number 4348, but they reported it?} WOW that speaks volumes, doesn't it?!

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