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Do you know what this place is called in Ilfracombe, England? (link to pic)?

I cannot figure it out! I've looked through a lot of google images. If you know what the building is, or any information for it, please let me know.

It looked like a pier building so I googled this and found it here listed as the Victorian Pavilion (there is also a picture of the interior on the same site) mentions that "The Victoria Pavilion, made of glass and wrought iron, is opened (1888) at Ilfracombe to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee the previous year", then in 1925 "has its central glass portion removed and replaced with a new concert hall to seat 750 at a cost of £8,000. Then in 1949 "The Victoria Pavilion in Ilfracombe is destroyed by fire, only the two glass wings survive" In 1992 "Plans are put forward by NDDC to demolish the Victoria Pavilion in Ilfracombe and build a new theatre there" In 1996 "In October work begins on Ilfracombe's new Pavilion and Wintergarden"

There is lots of info on the new theatre there, but you can google this easily

Hope this helps


Online Gambling Would Benefit the USA

With the effects of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) making themselves clear one month after the bill was made into law, many are asking themselves 'What are its benefits?'.

The US government says that it passed the UIGEA law because it was worried about a rise in online gambling addiction. Since online casinos put gambling access into every home in America, they believe that Americans are now at a severe risk of developing gambling addictions. However, as the government shouts about an online gambling addiction epidemic, studies show that no major rise in gambling addiction exists. In fact no large rise has taken place in gambling addictions over the last 10 years, almost the whole lifespan of the online casino industry.

Current speculation claims that the real reason behind the UIGEAis that online casinos are not based in the USA and therefore are not taxed by the US government. Also, since online gambling is not regulated and monitored, Americans do not pay taxes on online casino wins like they do on land based casinos. It is estimated that the US government is losing out on nearly $600 million in taxes each year.

Some rumors claimed that the UIGEA was an attempt by Republicans to hold on to a majority in this year's mid-term Congressional elections. The ban would have attracted the right winged Christian based voters. However the move obviously backfired, and the Democratic party took the house in an overwhelming win.

We'll see what takes place in the upcoming Presidential elections, during which we may see a promise to legalize online gambling and repeal the UIGEA. If politicians want to use online gambling as a political maneuver, it will be more beneficial to promise American billions in tax dollars and jobs.

Although the negative aspects of the industry have been discussed to the point of nausea, few are talking about what the online casino industry will do for the United States. So what are the benefits of legalizing and regulating the online casino industry?

After a year or so of the UIGEA being in effect, many of the 3,000 small online sites will have gone out of business (it's already started), and only the largest online casino companies will be left standing. The larger casinos will be out of the US market and American land-based casinos will be free to take over if the ban is repealed. Legalized online casinos would bring billions into the United States economy, and rumors already exist that Vegas casinos are pushing to repeal the ban and take advantage of the wide open gap in the industry.

If the ban is repealed right now, not only will billions flood the US economy, but Americans who are continuing to bet in online casinos, would be safer. The casinos that are refusing to leave the US market are more often than not the smaller and less regulated casinos. This is putting Americans in danger of identity theft. The risk is that unregulated casinos that can disappear in an instant, taking players' funds with them.

Regulated US casinos would not only give the US money to help solve many financial issues, but would keep Americans gambling in safe and secure online environments. So is the UIGEA really helping Americans, or putting them in more danger?

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