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Reverend Horton Heat - Galaxie 500

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How to Avoid Network Marketing Whiplash

You're driving ahead at full speed with your network marketing opportunity,
when you suddenly realize, "Oh no - My downline is disappearing!" So goes the
story with most network marketing opportunities. You already knowhow to be a people person, you advertise, you talk to
prospects, you three way your frontline, you finally make your first $1,000, and
it's downhill from there. What happened? The next big thing is what

You see, there's always a new kid on the block in the network
marketing arena. The internet has made distraction the norm. On top of that,
many (probably most) network marketing opportunities implode from combinations
of greed and inexperience at the top, or suffer on account of totally
unsubstantiated claims from disgruntled members.

What's a heavy hitter
like yourself to do? The answer is simple: Get paid up front. Don't wait to
build your 100 member downline before you make your first $1,000; earn your
first $1,000 profits with one or two customers.

"How is that possible?"
you might ask. The answer: Start with a top tier program. A top tier program is
simply a business opportunity with a higher entrance price, perhaps in the
$2,000 to $3,000 range.

Think about it. You spend between $50 and $200
per month on your product purchase, plus advertising, plus your valuable time,
and then you make your first $1,000 after organizing, nursing and babysitting
your downline five levels deep. Within six months, you have easily spent more
than $1,500 to make that first $1,000. And after all of your hard work, your
downline is suddenly driven to distraction. Whiplash!

Conversely, if you
started with a higher tier program, you would make your first $1,000 with only
one or two members in your downline. On top of that, higher tier programs
attract serious minded entrepreneurs.

Let's face it; most network
marketing opportunity seekers are thinking about how much they can afford to
loose. "If I loose $50 or $200, it won't hurt," they reason. It's very unlikely
that such opportunity seekers would spend another $200 in

Conversely, an entrepreneur openening a small used car lot
knows that his success will come at the expense of long hours, management
difficulties, payroll issues, insurance nightmares and other niceties that go
along with such an endeavor. The same goes for entrpreneurs investing in a Tim
Horton, Chipotle or McDonald's restaurant franchise. Their investment is not a
gamble. They can just taste their first $40,000 net profit.

Wouldn't it
be great to earn a $40,000 net profit without the headaches of a franchise or
traditional small business? It's no coincidence that so many successful top tier
program members come from business backgrounds. They already know what leverage
is, which is why they hire employees. They're sold on that idea already; they're
just using a different approach.

When you spend your advertising dollars
on a top tier program, experienced entrepreneurs, high income earners, and high
achieving individuals will find you. By the time they've reviewed your pay plan,
they've already formulated their plan for their first five figure net

They know that it will not take 100 members in their downline to
reach this goal, and they're ecstatic over the fact that they only need to deal
with one employee; themselves. On top of that, experienced entrepreneurs know
how to make use of a marketing assistant, a professional sales person that will
follow up with leads and close sales on behalf of the business owner.

experienced business person will also look for value in the product. Any product
distributed by referral marketing should have a value that is apparent to
traditional sales people as well as the average consumer. Take Avon for example.
How old were you when you found out there was a network marketing twist to
Avon's business opportunity? I'm too embarassed to tell you myself.

large corporations with high quality, in demand products turn to referral
marketing for fast and efficient distribution of their products. Vonage is a
prime example. If you can tap into an established company with an established
product, that suddenly turns to referral marketing for all the right reasons,
then you will have found an unusual opportunity to 'get in at the top.' A
seasoned company will not have the birth pains and implosive tendencies that
plague most network marketing organizations.

Just think of the emotional
value of that first $1,000 commission. It starts an exciting cycle where success
breeds success. Addtionally, knowing those four figure commissions and residuals
grow exponentially within a relatively short time will keep your downline very
focused. Starting off with a top tier program makes earning your first four
figure commission much easier. The choice is yours; network marketing whiplash,
or getting paid sooner rather than later.Antony Mosley is a distributor with the Global Resorts Network,http://yourvacationbusiness.com. You
can listen to the company's recorded conference call at 503-445-8567.

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