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German finmin casts doubt on bank supervision launch date (Reuters)

HANOVER, Germany, Sept 3 (Reuters) - Europe will not be able to introduce
centralised banking supervision by its year-end target date, German Finance
Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Monday,...


Volkswagen BlueMotion Brings The Car Share Revolution To Hanover

Boris Bikes

If you happen to have visited London in the last year or so then you will know that our Mayor, Boris Johnson introduced a scheme where anyone can borrow a bike for free, to get around the city, simply by picking one up from a dedicated point and dropping it off within a certain amount of time at any pick-up/drop-off point. The scheme aptly named Boris Bikes, has been a great success since it inception and aids in encouraging people to avoid driving or using other forms of public transport for short journeys.

Similarly if you have visited Berlin in the last decade you will have noticed that the Germans have been employing a similar scheme for a long time!

The Next Step In Convenient Vehicle Hire

The latest trend in quick, simple vehicle hire market has made a move towards cars, and who do you think are one of the earliest adopters of this movement?

That's right...Germany!

The Vehicle Of Choice

Volkswagen have recently announced that they will be trialling a car share initiative in the German city of Hanover. Volkswagen plan to begin start the scheme by providing 200 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Vehicles. With an average fuel consumption of 62mpg and CO2 emissions of 99g/km, the Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion has great green credentials and no doubt this scheme is partly aimed at gaining some visibility for their BlueMotion range, you can't knock the German car manufacturer for entering the car share market with such an eco-friendly model.

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion
in question will not be bottom of the range but will in fact be fitted with an entertainment and navigation system which will aim to encourage tourists to use these car share systems. This idea could lead towards specific car share schemes being scaled across countries enabling someone to register in their home country and access cars when traveling abroad as well.

Volkswagen have said that, in the long term, they aim to include the VW Caddy and the New VW Beetle in the car share scheme.

How Will It Work?

To begin with, there will be 50 pick-up and drop-off points located around the German city of Hanover. Volkswagen aim to increase the amount of pick-up/drop-off points to 100+ incrementally after the initial trial of the service. The aim is to provide enough locations throughout the city in order to make this service one of the most convenient ways to travel around the city.

In order to use the service, customers must register for the service and then they have a variety of options when it comes to actually booking their car. This scheme doesn't have quite the same ease of use as something such as the Boris bike scheme, however, through the internet, app or call centre booking services, a customer has the ability to book their VW BlueMotion as near as 5 minutes before they need to use the vehicle.

To actually access and use the vehicle, the customer will have a chip card which can be scanned over a card reader on the car and the vehicle will be unlocked. The car will actually be started by an ignition key located inside the vehicle, combined with an authorisation pin which will have to be entered, much like an 'old school' demobiliser.

Other Early Adopters

Volkswagen's Hanover car share scheme is not the first of it's kind. Many of the largest car manufacturers seem eager to dive into this booming industry in it's early days. Peugeot offers car sharing services in British, French and German Cities and last month BMW went live with their car share service in Munich. Previous to this Daimler has had great success with their car2go program which made gas based cars available to customers in Germany and in the U.S state of Texas.

Is Car Share The New Market To Dominate?

Do you think this kind of scheme is likely to catch on? Will people who live and work in cities either be happy to move away from full time ownership of a vehicle or is this simply a new form of public transport? The business analyst Frost & Sullivan predict that 5.5 million Europeans will be part of a car share scheme by 2016 with the majority of these car share scheme vehicles being electric.

I'm all for this kind of move into both reducing traffic and pollution, and if the figures add up to make this a economically sound option for the public then how can it be bad? However there are some specifics that I'm not clear on as yet. I haven't been able to find information on age limits for these schemes for insurance reasons or the implications of people managing to acquire someone else's car and use a car under their identity...and what stops someone from jumping into one of these cars after they have been drinking.

I'm sure that these are all considerations that have been made by the car manufacturers and their teams of lawyers.

How do you feel about this type of car share scheme? Will you be rushing to join one when it arrives in your city?

Mechanical Motion Blog

Hanover hit by influx of World Cup fans

The World Cup in Germany this summer will bring with it an additional 3-4 million visitors to Germany this June. The twelve host cities have been preparing in earnest for the event since the announcement of the host country in 2000. Each host city has seen investment in infrastructure and development to accommodate the influx of visitors and prove worthy hosts to the festival of football.

Hanover, one of the 12 German cities selected to host the tournament is one city which has seen a great deal of preparation gone underway for some months in anticipation of World Cup 2006. With a significant swelling of Hanover's half million residents expected over the month of June, the city has seen the development of additional accommodation and of the transport systems in and around the city to adequately handle the global community this summer. Although accommodation will be thin on the ground with the tournament just around the corner, the official website of the local authority inHanover, might be able to help out with some suggestions. Similarly, some of the large hotel resellers may yet have availability for rooms in and around Hanover.

Hanover although not of Germany's largest or most familiar of cities to outsiders is a city of history and culture. Somewhat overshadowed in the short break andinternational flightmarket to neighbours and fellow World Cup hosts such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, the visiting football fan will be impressed by a compact and aesthetically good city. Hanover, as with other northern German cities such as Hamburg and Cologne, is stacked full of historic buildings and points of interest for the visitor. Getting around Hanover should be relatively simple as it is a pedestrian friendly with decent public transport facilities.

Although Hanover has a well served airport, the city is a central hub on Germany's autobahn network so getting to and from the city for World Cup fans travelling the length and breadth of Germany is best by road. For those moving on from Hanover to follow their teams' progress, car hire is easy and abundant with the majorcar rentalfirms have a presence in Hanover.

Article Source: http://www.simplysearch4it.com/article/30225.html

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