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+ There are many big fish rigs and bait combinations that are little known, or with a little adaptation, can bring fantastic rewards! Here are a few big fish proven ideas to add to your fishing arsenal...

A great little known rig 'edge' for carp is the normal dog biscuit fished on the bottom! Side hook dog biscuits or slide them on a hair as normal, but fish the rig on the bottom, under free offerings on the surface.

In summer it is often difficult to get 'takes' on pressured big fish waters on the surface, but many 'free baits end up sinking and being eaten with confidence on the bottom. Try them soaked on amino acids compounds or flavours any time of year where the fish see many of these in the summer months!

Using a larger size long-shanked hook and foam or cork as a 'balance or buoyancy aid on the hook, you can put on many small worms, grubs, slugs, short lengths of lobworms or night crawlers. Try this using a 'ground bait stick' or PVA bag or swim feeder with maggots. Again this is proving the downfall of many big fish where the more 'conventional rigs and baits' have lost their 'edge.'

Or even try the above hook baits fished with a PVA bag full of crushed boilies! Or try a 'mag-aligner' rig with maggots, alongside 21 millimetre pellets and boilies in a PVA bag.

Another well proven winning method for big carp and catfish is to use size 2 hook with a 4 centimetre cube, ball or 'cone' of pepperoni or garlic sausage or luncheon meat, soaked in amino acids supplement. This might be might be just the ticket for your first big catfish!

How about fishing whole and crushed 21 millimetre halibut pellets, carp pellets, salmon pellets or trout pellets in a PVA bag, with fish oils added, while using a small artificial pellet on a small hook for some really big wary carp?

I love to use boilies cut down into around 7 millimetre cubes soaked in amino acids and fished 2 or 3 on a hair or using two hairs, with the hook wrapped in dough of the same base mix. This really fools the big carp!

Where pellets have really been used extensively and catches are slowing down on them, move onto 'scalded' pellet paste and fish this bait 'method feeder style' with a great big ball of paste on the hook hair wrapped on a 21 millimetre pellet! Or try using two hairs with pieces of 21 millimetre pellets on, wrapped in scalded pellet paste. This is really great for big carp and catfish too.

I bet you do not hear of this really genuine big fish hook bait method! I have caught numerous very big carp using this and I am surprised not more people have worked out this extremely effective idea: Make up a batch of homemade boilie baits of roughly 6 to 8 millimetre diameter size.

Then Tie a long hair measuring around three centimetres beyond the bend of your hook, preferably a size 4 or 2. Feed onto the hair a cube or ball of foam, cork, or polystyrene about 1 centimetre in diameter. Now loosely tie about 8 or 9 of your small prepared baits onto the foam and hair surrounding it.

Like the 'popped-up' maggots 'medusa rig' and similar hemp stuck with "Bogey" idea; the carp or catfish has no option but suck in all of this unusually shaped package of food. It really gets around those big fish used to testing and rejecting single, double bait and normal pop-up bait rigs and baits...

The author has many more fishing and bait 'edges' up his sleeve. Every single one can have a huge impact on catches. (Warning: This article is protected by copyright, but reprints with a link are OK.)

By Tim Richardson. 'The thinking angler's fishing author and expert bait making guru.'

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